What the heck is wrong with Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus, 2008Do you remember that girl that played Hannah Montana? She was sweet, wasn’t she? She may have had the styling of a twenty-year-old sometimes (makeup, clothes), but still alright – not nearly as irritating as that girl from Waverly Place, that looked like a ten-year-old with too much of her mum’s makeup (god, do I really know these series??).

And then, of course, that Hannah girl aka Miley Cyrus got a little older and banked a bit more on her music career and also changed to a style that was – well – already a bit “advanced” for someone who still couldn’t legally drink nor vote and had been launched by Disney (admittedly, South Park has shown us that Disney actually sells sex by pretending not to… haha, genius!). Maybe you remember the “pole-dance scandal”: an incident that was bloated probably because most of the “shocked” people didn’t actually see the performance: she touched some kind of pole (no pun intended) for about a second while doing a pretty harmless hip-swing.

That was basically it…

… until this year at the age of 21, she decided to go completely mental. She cut her hair and morphed into something like a pink Rihanna – not only stylewise. Everybody should get the message: look, I’m a stupid slut and sexual innuendos and obscene behavior are now my daily bread.

Miley Cyrus 2013Blech! This (picture to the left) and similar versions of her new haircut, combined with the red lips are just plain ugly and make her look like a 40-some newly divorced who really needs it bad. I have to admit though, that she has her moments and – with the right do, makeup and clothes – can look something that I’d seriously consider hot…

Mile Cyrus with Katy PerryI really think she looks good here (picture to the right), and here the tongue is sassy and if I was Katy Perry I’d kiss that girl and would like it.

However, whereas sticking out your tongue in rare cases can come across kinky, having it out the whole time sure makes you look retarded. Enter MTV VMA 2013. What was that supposed to be? A bitch (in every sense) in heat? I have to admit though, that I haven’t even watched the VMA: why would I? But a two-minutes summary of the whole awards on a news channel was enough. That means about five seconds of Miley. Five seconds of tongue out and ass in the breeze. Mating dogs. Holy crap! What makes someone do this? Is this some kind of celebrity drug that you get when you’re twenty-one, that makes you lose all your dignity and turn you into a horny animal?

Seriously, I don’t understand it. Most of all, I don’t understand how in a world that is oversaturated with sex, that type of behavior sells. I mean, if I feel like watching people hump, or animals hump, or people hump animals, it’s all at my fingertips: my internet connection delivers it to my house. For free, even.

Miley Cyrus VMA 2013

Why is the music biz selling their products with a sex bonus that you can get for free and/or the full version of elsewhere?

Why are you buying it?

Is Miley retarded or is it you?

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